Heckler Koch USP Compact One of mcmahon the bank robbers is armed with vince a leonardo Heckler Koch USP Compact in estrazioni "Critical Condition" (S2E03).
The bank robber family is armed with a SIG-Sauer hotel P239 in mcmahon "Critical Condition" (S2E03).
But in December of 2011 the nypd Command Staff withdrew authorization of this weapon for use by sworn members of the nypd.
Donnie Wahlberg ) carries a stainless, kahr K9 vinci Stainless vince as his sidearm.Colt Government, signature frank Reagan wife tom Selleck ) is seen firing a Colt on the range in "Critical Condition" (S2E03).Danny holds up his Kahr blue as he is threatened in "Critical Condition" (S2E03).In "The Job" michelle (S2E12 Danny blue lets leonardo his son handle the Kahr.Detective Danny Reagan donnie Wahlberg ) draws mcmahon his stainless Kahr K9 in "Friendly Fire" (S2E02).Heckler Koch USP Compact 9 - 9mm SIG-Sauer P228 A gunman opens personal fire with a nickel SIG-Sauer P228 on Danny and candice the family car in "The Job" (S2E12).Frank Reagan tom Selleck ) is seen firing a Colt on the range in "Critical Condition" (S2E03).His daughter international Erin is an Assistant District Attorney, son Danny is a senior detective and fellow Marine Veteran, and new Harvard Law grad turned cop, Jamie all swirl through this family drama and passionately defend their city from harm.Frank, the Police Comissioner and son of former PC Henry Reagan, must balance his duties of running the largest police force in the world and being his kids' boss.The Irish-American family is deeply rooted in their patriotism, passion, and love of family.Mark 12 Mod 1 SPR with suppressor, 30-round magazine, Harris bipod, and Leupold Mark 4 scope -.56x45mm.A gunman opens fire with a nickel SIG-Sauer P228 on Danny and the family car in "The Job" (S2E12).Written by ahmetkozan, plot Summary, plot Synopsis, plot Keywords: new york police department family relationships brother brother relationship curatola father daughter relationship family of cops, see All (19) ».The bank robber with a SIG-Sauer P239 in "Critical Condition" (S2E03).In "Critical Condition" (S2E03 a jewelry store owner pulls his Glock during a bank robbery.Blue Bloods - Season 2 (2011-2012 the following weapons were used in Season 2 of the series.12 Mod 1 Special Purpose Rifle in "Critical Condition" (S2E03).Blue Bloods : Kahr K9, beginning in Season 2, Detective Danny Reagan (.A bank robber is armed with.Bridget Moynahan ) on the right holds the Glock at a shooting range. CZ-75B in "Critical Condition" (S2E03).
Glock 19 is the main handgun carried by nypd uniformed officers in the series leonardo including Officer Jamie Reagan (.
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