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Made up between about 14, Codex Forster.2 has extensive rome notes on the leonardo theory of weights, traction, stresses and balances.
It is vinci certain that leonardo during the rome XVIth rome and xviith centuries leonardo their exceptional value was highly appreciated.
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In the Codex Antlanticus 377a; 1170a there is a sketch, drawn with the pen, representing a man with a tube in his mouth, and at the farther end of the tube a disk.

Let the experiment be made, by placing a candle above your dover head at the same time that you look at a star; then gradually lower the candle till it is on a level with the ray that comes from the star to the eye, and.
His fascination of enabling man to breathe under water led him to designing buoys and breathing equipment, while at the same time thinking about how boats could move faster.