short summary of the da vinci code novel

Written by Julia Wolf, in home the home Louvre late at night, the curator Jacques Sauniere vaughn is daddys vince murdered, and his body is disfigured with strange signs.
A certain brotherhood has created a vince cornerstone on which are encrypted some characters that hold vince the secret of this brotherhood.
According to laugh police, Sauniere was laugh in his office daddys when he was attacked.It is revealed that Sophie is actually Magdalene's descendant and therefore is the current living descendant of Jesus Christ.Teabing offers to fly daddys to England on his plane.They overpower him, gag him, and flee France in a private jet that flies them to London.On the other hand, the novel has weak sides, among them is a pretty weak syllable of the author many critics consider that the author has a rustic style of presentation.The murder investigation anchorman ultimately becomes a quest by Langdon and Neveu to uncover an ancient conspiracy about online a well-known religious relic - the Holy Grail of Jesus Christ.Sophie vince and Langdon escape, leaving Berne alone in the forest.He kills Remy and takes the cryptex.Revealing the mystery, the protagonist of the book with his head is dipped into historical investigation, the results and details of which both look shocking and realistic.To begin with, Da Vinci vince Code is a novel written by American author and journalist Dan Brown and published in 2003 by publishing house Random House.Saunières clues, Langdon and Sophie hope, will lead them the proof of Christs marriage to Mary Magdalene, which has supposedly been under wraps, hidden subtitrat by the Vatican in order to protect the Catholic Churchs power, patriarchy, and assertion that Jesus was divine.Captain Bezu anchorman Fache (Jean Reno) asks him for his interpretation vaughn of the puzzling scene.Meanwhile, American symbologist Robert Langdon (Tom vaughn Hanks who is in Paris as an AUP guest lecturer on symbols and the sacred feminine, is contacted by the French police, and summoned to the Louvre to view the crime scene.According to Book Review The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (Author vince of The Da Vinci Code it should be vince noted that unraveling the mystery requires the solution of a series of puzzles.The Teacher comes, who has not been seen vince by anyone before, comes to the car.In my opinion, this realism, combined anchorman with the availability of exposition and narrative detail, is one of the main virtues of the book. It can be metodo said that on a plot of the book its main character,.
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It should be noted that the novel could be unnoticed by various Christian religious figures, if it had not had such success, and if on the first page of the book was not asserted the truth of the events that were described vinci in the novel.