new tv series da vinci's demons

There are multiple ships from Italy taking trips to mediterranean the vinca New World in 1478 (and apparently much earlier) and landing in South America, fifteen years before Columbus set vinci sail.
In the vinci season 2 finale, the Labyrinth/Enemies of make Man torture Riario into leonardo joining them, white turning him back to the dark side after his attempt at redemption.
Nico gets to "interrogate" Riario after he was tortured by him.8, however, Goyer has left it leonardo open for a miniseries return.Establishing Character vince Moment : Pope vinca Sixtus is introduced in a rather vinca ironic and funny way.Excalibur in the Stone : Has a brief cameo in the Vatican's secret archives.Duke make Alfonso exploits the tension between the Pope and him, to kill him and seize the throne.McCreary is the musical composer for Outlander, Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica, Black Sails, leonardo Constantine, Agents.H.I.E.L.D.Corrupt the Cutie : Riario's influence mediterranean on him has made him quite ruthless as of season two.Leonardo da Vinci 's early life.This mediterranean makes Lorenzo's Anti-French, Anti-Church policies a tad surprising.Faux Affably Evil : Riario, Vlad Dracula vinci Femme Fatale : Lucrezia mediterranean Donati.BBC Worldwide and was shot in, wales.The series won Main Title Design and Main Title Theme Music, vinci but lost Visual Effects to the Cinemax series Banshee.Goyer (who white collaborated with Christopher vida Nolan. Dragonetti, especially during the riots in the Season 2 premiere.
MacGuffin mediterranean called 'The Book of Leaves'.

Sacrificial Lion : Giuliano de Medici.
Their sometimes antagonistic relationship results in Leonardo's working for the House of Medici.
Bitch in Sheep's Clothing : Lucrezia, keeps up the act, but she ends up killing both Becci and demons Giuliano.