Thats why they died.
Let us look further at this astonishing work.
Elizabeth Fletcher: Not vincis deliberately.She fled west with her offspring to Provence, leonardo where medieval Cathars would keep the vinci original teachings of vinci Jesus alive.When Christianity came along, the victoria old pagan religions did not die easily.Elizabeth Fletcher is an author and specialist in vinci Biblical women.Sandra miesel, in the vincis end, Dan Brown has penned a poorly written, atrociously researched mess.(The church in question is always the Catholic Church, though his leonardo villain does sneer once at Anglicans for their grimness, of all things.) He routinely and anachronistically refers to the Church season as "the Vatican even when popes weren't in residence there.And I read it, and I thought is this mans research just bad, center or center is he in fact very clever, and hes deliberately inserted a whole lot of mistakes so that vincis people will argue back and give shows him publicity?The oldest of the military-religious orders, the Knights shows centre were founded painted in 1118 to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land.Elizabeth Fletcher: Now thats one of the reasons that I think its impossible that Mary Magdalene and Jesus did have inventions some centre sort of intimate personal relationship, leonardo because if he had, his enemies after his death would have accused him of it, and they never said.Although many other admired artists such trailer as Ghirlandaio episode and Nicolas Poussin even such an idiosyncratic painter as Salvador Dali have also given the world their version of this significant biblical scene, it shows is Leonardos which has, for some reason, captured vincis the imagination more than most.But it seems that there is not much about the book thats new, and not much about the book thats true.Although da Vinci was a spiritually troubled homosexual, Brown's contention that he coded his paintings with anti-Christian vincis messages simply can't be sustained.It also protects her descendants including Brown's heroine.She leonardo gave birth to a daughter, named Sarah.(Women, after all, buy centre most of the nation's books.) He has married a thriller plot to a romance-novel technique.While it is generally admitted that Leonardo was hugely gifted, the modern tendency season to arrogant center epochism leonardo seeks to undermine his achievements. The Priory an actual organization officially registered with the French government in 1956 makes extraordinary claims of antiquity as the "real" power behind the Knights Templar.

What's more, in making phony claims of scholarship, Brown's book infects readers with a virulent hostility toward Catholicism.
Astonishingly, Brown claims that Jews in Solomon's Temple adored Yahweh and his feminine counterpart, the Shekinah, via the services of sacred prostitutes possibly a twisted version of the Temple's vinci corruption after Solomon (1 Kings 14:24 and 2 Kings 23:4-15).