Jesus didnt establish an earthly kingdom, so thered be no vinci point in keeping his lineage safe anyway.
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There are believers and there are knowers, find the hidden differance.The two of artworks them manage to vinci escape the vinci Louvre without being captured by the vinci policebut not leonardo before they discover a series of clues left behind by her grandfather.You have two parents artworks - live one generation back - four grandparents - two generations back - eight great grandparents - three generations back, and.Sophie's leonardo happy to finally have family (after losing her grandfather, she thought she was totally alone but Langdon is pretty bummed that he didn't end up finding the Grail.There is no doubt man has fudged as much as possible with Bible scripture but what u do not understand is there has always been what we knowers call the remnant, which comes from the days of Elija when Elijah said to God something like.Also if one studies the wedding at leonardo Cana it becomes obvious Jesus was the groom because of the customs of the times and from common sense.After 70 generations it gets ridiculously diluted.Thankfully, Langdon pieces together Saunière's final clue in a different way, and is struck by the realization that the Holy Grail is actually hidden beneath the Louvre itself).Captain Bezu Fache of the dcpj likes Langdon as the prime suspect in Saunière's death, and all he needs is an inadvertent confession at the scene of the crime.Knowers have never covered anything that is true.With the timing of a Swiss watch, Captain Bezu Fache manages to save the day.With their names cleared of any crimes, and the final clue solved, Langdon and Sophie head to Rosslyn vinci Chapel in Scotland.And historically, theres no tradition of direct descendants of Jesus.Instead, though, they find Sophie's dalam long-lost grandmother and little brother, who also happen to be direct descendants of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.Before Dan Browne, Barbara Theiring made the idea popular with her book.So ultimately, like most other famous things where about Jesus, such as whether he actually existed at all, we dont really artworks know.Liberal Christians like John Shelby Spong spread the idea too.These leonardo truths have been preserved in the scripture by the remnant. My point is this from the beginnning God has made certain there is a Remnant, recensione so the amount of fudging has always been limited because these would leonadro always be there to continue to pass down the necessary truths.
In a twist no one sees most coming, vinci we discoverjust as Langdon deciphers the final cluethat Teabing is the dastardly Teacher.