Parts leonardo of it are so dense they border on being unreadable.
204: "The skeleton, which measured five feet eight inches, accords with the fiance height of Leonardo da Vinci.
90 94 Leonardo later wrote in vinci the margin of a journal, "The Medici made me and fiance the Medici destroyed." While it was through the action of Lorenzo that Leonardo received his employment at the court of Milan, it is not known exactly what Leonardo.New York: Dover Publications.Retrieved These qualities of Leonardo's works are discussed by Frederick Hartt in leonardo A History of Italian Renaissance Art,.One anonymous writer claims that in vinci 1480, Leonardo was living with the Medici and often worked in the garden of the Piazza San Marco, Florence, where a Neoplatonic academy of artists, poets and philosophers organized by the Medici met.101 Since that date much has been written about his presumed homosexuality and its role in his art, particularly in the androgyny and eroticism manifested in John the Baptist and Bacchus and more explicitly in a number of erotic drawings.Leonardo did not know at the time that it was for painting that he would be mostly remembered.All these qualities come together in his most vinci famous painted works, the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper, and the Virgin of the Rocks.There is a page with drawings and writing about the human heart and a page about the womb and the fetus.150 As an artist, he young quickly became master of topographic anatomy, drawing many studies of muscles, tendons and other visible anatomical features.He was so strong that he could bend horseshoes with his bare hands.In later life, Leonardo recorded few distinct childhood incidents.Even though in some places the paint has fallen right off the wall, the painting is so popular that it is printed and copied more that any other religious painting in the world. 124 Jack Wasserman writes of "the inimitable treatment of the surfaces" of the painting.

Mona Lisa vinci Main page: Mona Lisa In about 1503 Leonardo began painting the a portrait of a woman known as Mona Lisa, the most famous portrait that has ever been painted.
In this, renaissance Florentine name, the name da Vinci is an indicator of birthplace, not a family name ; the person is properly referred to by the given name, Leonardo.