This Web site endeavours to leonardo introduce you to the parachute artist, the scientific visionary, the amazing inventor vinci and Leonardo, the man.
From humanoid robots to machine guns, here are five da vinca Vinci inventions that white were truly before vinca their time.1505 parachute Codex on the Flight ground of Birds, as well as plans for several flying machines, including a parachute helicopter and a vinci light vinca hang glider.Link to the fine Web Site - Additional Flight-Related Sketches By Leonardo.There is no evidence that he actually attempted to build such a device, although the image he presented was what a powerful one.The design what for da Vinci's robotic knight was based closely on human anatomy.However, the artist's diving suit personal was definitely one of the more thought-out designs.About invented 1485 he drew detailed plans for a human-powered ornithopter (a wing-flapping device intended to fly).He was, perhaps, the first European interested in a practical solution to flight.This strange what doll was controlled externally by cables leonardo operated with a hand crank, as well as by an vinca internal, gear-driven machine.About 450 years what invented after da Vinci designed vinci his vince robotic knight, his detailed sketches of the invention were rediscovered.Another Mechanical Wing Device -. Original article on Live Science.

He was all of these things and more.
Leonardo designed a multitude of mechanical devices, including parachutes, flying and studied the flight of birds as well as their structure.