There are 13,000 pages of michelle mcmahon notes and drawings.
Some of homem vinci the nardo pupils became painters: Bernardino vince Luini, institute Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio level and Marco D'Oggione.
Mona Lisa has a mona original dark vinci level dress and a fine black veil over obras her head.
It is the Last Supper.11 Leonardo started painting while he was curatola still a boy.In 1472, he was accepted into the painter's homem guild nardo of Florence and officially graduated from apprentice to master.21 Salai stayed obras in Leonardo's household for thirty institute years as a pupil and a servant.11 When michelle Leonardo grew up, he only wrote down two memories from his childhood.Cennini Il Libro obras dell Arte,.Michelangelo was to paint vince The obras Battle of Cascina and Leonardo was to paint The Battle of Anghiari.No painting like this had ever been done before.He was buried in the Chapel nardo of the Chateau vince Amboise.16 vinci The huge clay horse was still standing when painting the French army invaded again in 1499. Adoration of the Magi is the most important of all the early paintings.
Leonardo chose to paint the moment when Jesus has said "one original of you will betray me".

He served at least ten years (1466-1476) as Garzone (apprentice) to Andrea del Verrocchio and painted details in Verrocchio's canvases.
Duke Ludovico il Moro was making vinci other rulers nervous.