Machine guns, and cluster bombs are only some of the leonardo amazing Leonardo da Vinci inventions on this list.
Marcantonio della Torre from the last year 1510 to vinci 1511.
Self Propelled Cart, he invented an amazing self propelled overview cart designed to vinci be vinci used for theatrical uses.That's a pity, because da Vinci's designs were vinci spectacularly ahead of his time.The machine leonadro would leonadro be powered by eight men who would have to constantly turn cranks.Davinci actually managed vinci to create first what many people consider to be the first robot vinci ever made.Not quite the same siri as a modern machine gun, Da Vincis 33-barreled-organ allowed leonardo a set of 11 muskets to fire one after another, rotating to allow the barrels to cool off.And anyone standing surgery on the moon, when it and the sun are both beneath us, would see this our earth and the element of water vinci upon it just as we see the moon, and the earth would light it as it lights.Hydraulic Machine, mostly lens last Grinder, flying Machine, organ Gun.In theory, it was virtually invincible.His biography says that his curiosity for scientific observations was inspired by his uncle Francesco.The weapon had three rows, each with eleven guns which would fire in vinci unison.If divers needed to go to the toilet and really couldnt hold it in then they would be able to use an inbuilt bottle. It took over 400 years for the tank to be built.
Aerial Screw, system the Aerial screw was a concept for a flying machine remarkably similar to a helicopter.
Leonardo theorised a revolutionary new type of cannon which would have been able to fire many cannon balls at the same time.