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While the tool polymath is perhaps most well tool tool known for hand his.The pyramid vincere design, which was commonly used, also helps the scommesse viewer tool to focus on the women.One of tool the master artists of surveillance this time is Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) and one of vinci the paintings tool that best represents the philosophy and art of this period is the Mona Lisa.Humanism water stood for the; the emergence of the individual figure, in place of stereotyped or symbolic figure, greater realism and consequent attention to detail, as reflected in the development of linear perspective and increased realism of human faces and bodies (High Renaissance Art.Leonardos Death and the Changing Status of the Artist.when he worked tool on the painting.The Mona Lisa is a true masterpiece of the Renaissance time.These techniques, that were achieved by using oil paints, were used vinci on the face and the hands to make the person appear to be more real and almost as if she has movement.Mona Lisa appears to be a real woman with both neck depth and movement.Leonardo painted a true representation of the women of the time.When Leonarod did this it makes the person very real (Mona Lisa, La Giaconda, (n.d.).Some hints of yellow and gold are tool used in the winding paths behind the figure.The Mona Lisa clearly represents the philosophy of the humanism vinci by representing the focus of the human being and realism.There is also a glow on the face, neck and hands that puts an emphasis on those.They defended this position hack by pointing to the scientific tools that they used to make their work more naturalistic (scientific naturalism the study of human anatomy, of mathematics and geometry, poco of linear perspective.This story is a good indication of the changing status of the artist.Both Leonardo and Michelangelo performed them probably exclusively on the bodies of executed criminals. .Home art art History, vinci the Significance of Leonardo da Vincis Famous Vitruvian Man Drawing. The smile that is so famous and adds to the mystery of her mood is also achieved by these techniques.