Lady education with an Ermine is displayed in vinci the life Czartoryski Museum, Krakow, Poland.
The work (about eight feet vinci square) is unfinished, probably education because Leonardo had left Florence for Milan.Da Vinci church studied anatomy going into the human body, when understanding that he could express his paintings more.Leonardo da quotes Vinci vinci code (1452-1519) is considered to be one of leonardo the greatest and most influential artists of all times.Da Vinci was education commissioned to paint an altarpiece, The Adoration of the Magi, for a code leonardo monastery just outside Florence.He was leonardo an inspiration to many other artists too through out the years.Leonardo was only a painter.He later worked in Rome, Bologna and Venice, spending his final years in France at the home given to him life by King code Fran├žois.The Last Supper, tempera on gesso, pitch and mastic, 460 x 880 cm (181 x 346 in 1495.Little is known about his early life, church da Vinci simply means, of the town of Vinci, a town in the territory of Florence.An example is the 17 feet tall " David" statue that Michelangelo made.In 1500 Leonardo was back in Florence, and around 1502 painted the wife of a Florentine official, the Mona Lisa, destined to become the most famous image in art. The mural represents Jesus leonardo and the twelve disciples when Jesus says that one of them would betray him.
Da Vinci was once again working vinci on a large-scale commission that drew comparisons to his doomed equestrian leonardo statue for Francesco Sforza some years earlier.
Many inventions were created by Leonardo such as the first idea of the helicopter and tank.