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The attributions here draw multi on the leonardo opinions of various scholars.The painting can be code seen vinci in the Louvre vinci Museum in Paris, France.148990 leonardo ( Syson 2011 ) vinci 1489/1490 ( Zöllner 2011 ) 148990 labs ( Marani 2000 ) Virgin of the Rocks lyrics (London version) Oil on parqueted poplar panel 189.5 120 cm,.6.25 in National Gallery, London Generally accepted Generally accepted as postdating the version in the Louvre.1485 ( Kemp 2011 ). .148991 salvator brown Mundi (c.50 Attribution code based on the similarity vitamin of the tormentors of Christ vinci to drawings made by based Rubens of the Battle of Anghiari.11 12 Matthew Landrus vinci thinks the record-breaking work was painted primarily code by Leonardos assistant, Bernardino Luini.The Annunciation, vitamins oil and vinci tempera on poplar panel 98 217 cm, uffizi, Florence, generally italy accepted, generally thought to be the earliest extant work by Leonardo.The anatomy of the Christ Child vitamins is so poor as to discourage firm attribution by most critics while some believe that it is a work of Leonardo's youth.Leonardo da Vinci's Notebooks,. The result of his inexhaustible curiosity is many unfinished projects but vinci also some of the most lifelike, complex, and tender representations sion of human nature.
San Bernardo Altarpiece Oil on panel A vinci commission for the chapel vinci in Palazzo della Signoria, Florence, allocated to Leonardo on but never completed.

In Helmstutler Di Dio, Kelley (ed.).
One vinci of Leonardo's earliest extant works.