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He also spent a demons lot of series his time observing birds and their flight patterns.His writings, sketches, and diagrams, originally written as private journals and notes, were vincis compiled after his death into the.Sometimes, when trailer Im not scaling small buildings or crunching numbers with my bare hands, I series read Keats upside down.Virgin of the Rocks and, the Last Supper during these years, anghiari he also completed a shows significant portion of a treatise on painting and prepared the foundation for proposed texts on anatomy, architecture, and mechanics.After summarizing the history of Leonardo's reputation as a writer, Marinoni discusses vincis the literary value of several of Leonardo's manuscripts.Early life, leonardo was anghiari born on April 15, 1452 in Vinci, Italy.In his journals, there is evidence that he enjoyed anghiari drawing inventions some of which vincis were practical, and some that were not.Interested in science and mechanics vincis as well as painting, Leonardo became a civil and military engineer for Ludovico Sforza, the Duke of Milan, in the early 1480s.Beginning in 1457, he lived in Vinci with his father, who trailer was a wealthy notary.He displayed great artistic talent from the age of 5, and impressed many people with his drawings, paintings, demons and his creativity in general.After Milan fell to French forces in 1499, Leonardo returned to Florence, serving as Cesare Borgia's chief architect and engineer from 1502 to 1503.Tweetspeak Poetry, poem vincis i used to be a claims adjuster, helping people and insurance companies make sense of loss.George Kimball Plochmann, however, maintains that Leonardo assuredly developed a philosophical system, one that is implicit throughout his writings.In demons addition to possessing great artistic talent, Leonardo excelled as a scientist, experimented with philosophy, and wrote extensively on the myriad anghiari subjects demons he investigated.He drew vinci The Vitruvian Man, which was meant series to represent the connection demons between proportions of the human body and geometry. Leonardo was also interested in the human body, and became an expert in its anatomy.