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Yet the 1350mm wheelbase and vinci that rangy steering geometry give the 200 Duke substance vinci combined with vinci agility its facts indeed not vinci a renaissance minibike, but leonardo a full-size motorcycle now with added nardo zest, that makes it even more worthy of facts the Duke name.While the six-speed gearbox has the same flawless vinci operation as vinci before, with a progressive-action clutch that feeds out controllably though you must always use the clutch to change gear, however experienced you are, since clutchless upshifts are hard to perform smoothly you dont need.Sounds a good trade-off.In any case, the new vinci downsized Duke has been the first fruit in terms of nardo hard product school of vinci the link between the second-largest motorcycle manufacturers in both India and Europe, which has been progressively strengthened ever since November 2007 when Bajaj Auto took an initial.Definitely deeper than the 125s, it makes the cubed-up 200 Duke sound potent and rorty.Take advantage of our easy ordering system, with replacement parts tailored to your specific machine and sorted by category.But, without the restrictions imposed by the EU regulations, style this has allowed us to produce a bike facts with 73 more engine performance, but weighing exactly the same as the 125.But now the time has come to introduce the next model in KTMs growing family of made-in-India street singles, the 200 Duke which made its debut vinci at the eicma Show in Milan vinci in November, having been developed in parallel with the 125 version.Like the 125, this bigger-engined variant was primarily developed in India on the basis of an Austrian design, with input from KTM engineers in Mattighofen.All prices are in Euro vinci (EUR) and include leonardo VAT at 20 where applicable.In cool Austrian early-winter conditions they gave adequate grip within the context of the style of riding the bike engenders, but Ive ridden a 125 Duke in India that was shod with them, and theyre even stickier in warmer climes.OK, this isnt exactly Harley-Davidson territory, but it does mean that with an unchanged dry weight of 122kg (134.5kg with a full 11-litre tank of fuel, with 50/50 weight distribution) acceleration is now considerably less lethargic than the 125, and may even be termed sprightly. Its fitted with a slightly larger, heavier leonardo exhaust catalyst compared artwork to the 125 to meet Euro 3 requirements, located very cleverly between the engine and the cantilever rear shock, in a way that KTM has patented to minimise its effect on handling by compacting the.
Its very forgiving as well as torquey, vinci and theres totally linear acceleration all through renaissance the revband, with an extra leonardo little kick above 6,000rpm, renaissance when revs start to pick up a bit faster.
Nice as the 125 Duke is to carve street corners and tool around town on, its more of a city bike compared to the 200, which is a go-anywhere funbike with the vital added dimension of extra performance.

The crankcase, six-speed transmission, radiator, airbox, and silencer are all unchanged from the 125 Duke, but the exhaust leovince headers are a larger diameter, and the catalyst is bigger, says Wimmer, who admits his Austrian R D team has successfully run a 250EXC-F engine installed.
For the duos dare in producing a range of cool, affordable, entry-level bikes which, in showcasing the youthful KTM brand image, will help attract the next generation of European riders to choose motorcycling over other forms of leisure pursuit, from wakeboarding to mountain bikes, digital.