Lorenzo leonardo actually did leonardo have sons: three in leonardo fact.
The Reveal : It's revealed that Riario and Lucrezia are leonardo cousins.
Played By : Ian Pirie Double Reverse Quadruple Agent : Dragonetti is vegetarian always switching vinci sides and playing them against parachute one another, although his true loyalty is to invention Florence.
Impossible Thief list : Leo's theft of vegano the vinci Vatican's secret archives.You Have Outlived vegano Your Usefulness : Spoken almost verbatim by Riario about Lucrezia Your Princess Is in Another Castle!Duke vegano Alfonso exploits the tension between the Pope and him, to kill him and seize the throne.Jacopo Pazzi after Lorenzo's speech in "The Blood of leonardo Brothers".Faux Affably Evil : Riario, Vlad Dracula Femme Fatale : Lucrezia Donati.Cliffhanger : At the end of inventions Season list 1 it really looks as if the Pazzis are going to succeed in killing Leonardo, Lucrezia and all the Medicis.Guile Hero leonardo : It's honestly not his strong suite, though that's more due to bad luck than vegetarian anything.Villain Has a vegano Point : Subverted in that he is right about Ottoman Empire being a potential enemy, the problem is he is the one who provokes them to invade Europe Would Hurt a Child : Alessandro ruthlessly leonardo snaps the neck of Francesco's young daughter.Magnificent Bastard : Riario, the Chess Master : Riario talks of sophisticated strategies with a mysterious old leonardo prisoner, while playing.HeelFace vegano Revolving Door : Riario is a conflicted man.Please give leonardo me something to drink from the fountain of memory." "Time is a river." Artistic License Geography : The ships in search leonardo of the Book of Leaves sail across the Atlantic and land at some biography jungle apparently right next to the Andes. Historical-Domain Character : Although not much is known besides the fact that she was Lorenzo's mistress.

Pedophile Priest : Pope Sixtus IV is presented as one of these.
After the guard has bit the coin, Lorenzo implies that he had smuggled it to the cell in demons his bottom.
Badass Bookworm : He's among the most capable combatants in the series, having been outmatched only by Vlad Tepes, Alfonso, and a particularly badass papal guard.