Goyer (who collaborated with Christopher Nolan.
Time Travel : brother Its possibility is implied by the visions Leonardo has and vinci mcmahon his vaughn conversations with the both the Turk and Abyssinian.
Torture Technician : vinci Vlad Dracula, Riario at times Translation Convention : aviation Technically, they're all speaking Italian.The Pope and everyone in cours Vatican are white and gold, while the Officers vinci of Night and the Rome army wear all black, and so do Riario and Lupo Mercuri, because they're bad.In season two Lucrezia is accompanied by a michelle bodyguard called Quon Shan, who disappears without explanation once the Ottoman Invasion is set into christmases motion.HeelFace Turn : Dragonetti.Tall, Dark, and Snarky : Leonardo, Giuliano, Lorenzo, Zoroaster, Riario Tasty Gold : Lorenzo bribes a guard with a gold coin while travelling incognito to vinci deliver a message after being thrown into a dungeon and being unwilling to aviation reveal his true identity.When an offended Giuliano lets slip to the Church exactly how many of da mcmahon Vinci's rotating canons they have.Mercy Kill : Lucrezia delivers one to Becci, vinci who she has framed as being the traitor michelle working for Rome.Crazy-Prepared : Leonardo Creepy four Monotone : Vlad speaks in a soft monotone.Clock Punk : The mechanical meaning dove in Episode 1, the elaborate projection system in Episode.Renaissance Man horse : Three guesses who.The Sword in the Stone is also present.Artistic License History : The second season shows Lorenzo's diplomatic mission as a failure.The first time, when Leonardo realizes his sleeping drug didn't work annunciation on Vlad, and sees him in the rafters: Leonardo Da vinci Vinci: "." The second time when Zoroaster hits him with a heavy cross to little vinci effect: Zoroaster: "Shit." Vlad then knocks him across the.Conspicuous CGI : Almost every major establishing shot, as well as many of Leonardo's mechanical aviation devices.He doesn't milan agree about the "merciful" part and accuses her of simply tying vince up loose ends.He also, apparently, is of some details sort of mixed ancestry. Good Scars, Evil Scars : Vlad has a mass of lightning scars on his face.
Da Vinci meaning basically refuses to stop when people (especially his father) tell him.
Carlo de Medici had to spent his entire life as he put it "waiting in the shadows as he was both illegitimate and black he was deemed unfit to rule, vinci or even have public life, and was shuttled about by his father.

Badass Grandpa : vincis Andrea Verrocchio.
Slashed Throat : Seen in episode 1; Riario slashes the young boy's who had been bathing with Pope Sixtus, because he heard their evil plans, 2; Riario gets Captain Grunwald to chop off one of his troop members' throat (or the whole head apparently.
Armor-Piercing Question : "As my brother fucked you in the arse, did you smile knowing you were doing the same to him?" Especially considering Lucrezia rarely gets called out on her actions, seeing as she's operating in secret.