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I Did What I Had to Do vinci : Riario vinci inventions knows many of the known things he's done are leonardo terrible, film and life that he will do terrible things in the future.
Ippolita Maria Sforza leonardo is the Queen of Naples season and famous the First Love of Lorenzo Medici.Absolute Cleavage : Male examples modeled by Leo, Zoroaster, and Giuliano.Black Cloak : Riario has one and is overall dressed to match vinci his vincere black soul.Cluster F-Bomb : Thrown around frequently.Fan Disservice : Most often attributable to the majority of the Male Frontal lady Nudity belonging to Pope Sixtus.Dracula : Vlad the Impaler shows up in episode 6 and is legitimately scary.Torture Technician : Vlad Dracula, Riario at film times Translation Convention vinci : Technically, they're all speaking Italian.When we first see the pope, he is fully naked, in a large and opulent bath with a young boy and a knife vinci to the boy's throat.Deadpan Snarker : There are several, but Leo and Zoroaster definitely stand out.Corrupt Church : Historically pretty accurate.Lorenzo actually did have sons: three in fact.Please give me something to drink from the fountain of memory." "Time is a river." Artistic License Geography : The ships in search of the Book of Leaves sail across siri the Atlantic and land at some jungle apparently right next vinci to the Andes.Break the Cutie : Nico throughout the first season coupled with: Butt-Monkey : Nico, Giuliano vinci California Doubling : South Wales for Renaissance Italy.Carlo vinci responded by killing Cosimo, and defecting to the Enemies of Man.Clock Punk : The mechanical dove in Episode 1, the elaborate projection system in Episode. The Dog Bites Back : Two examples.