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Retrieved July 16, 2013.After that, what do you know, along came The Last Temptation of Christ, Brokeback Mountain and leonardo The Da Vinci Code.48 Eventually, mtrcb decided to give The Da Vinci Code an R-18 rating (restricted to those 18 years of age and above) despite paap's opposition to showing.Clips of these versions appear in the details History Channel 's Opus Dei Unveiled documentary, aired in summer 2006.La Repubblica, an Italian leonardo newspaper.47 However, Cecille Guidote Alvarez, Philippine Presidential Adviser on Culture important and the vinci Arts, said the Philippine government would not interfere hudl in the controversy about the film and leaves the decision arlington to the Movie and Television Review akron and Classification Board 's (mtrcb) rating.Apparently the Catholic leonardo Bishops Conference made the appeal through an epistle.However, the following day, Sony Pictures appealed the ruling, saying it would pull details the film if vinci the decision to cut it was not reversed.Pinewood vinci Shepperton vinci studios, details "Gordon Brown Opens Underwater Stage at Pinewood Studios May 19, 2006, webpage: PinewoodShep-Stage."The Da Vinci Code (2006. Saunière gives him a false lead and is murdered.