Sophie and vince Langdon flight figure vince out vince that the flight number left vinci near Saunières body must be the dicembre account number that will open the vince vault.
Back in Paris, Langdon tutto comprehends the poem, which leads him to the small pyramid built into the ground in the Louvre, where he is sure the Grail must be hidden.Langdon decodes the second and third lines in Saunières message: Leonardo Da Vinci!Silas holds Sophie and Teabing at tutto gunpoint and demands the keystone, but Teabing attacks Silas, hitting him on the thigh where his punishment belt is located, dicembre and Sophie finishes him off by kicking him in the face.He reveals that the Priory dicembre protects secret documents known as the.After Saunière tells him, Silas shoots him and leaves him to die.Langdon figures out that the password is apple the orb missing from Newtons tomb.He tells them that the Holy Grail is actually Mary Magdalenes season body and the documents that prove Marys blood line is related to Jesus.The Da Vinci Code often looks like it's offering subjective inventions tutto views into Robert Langdon's mind, in effect these images are series silly and slow.Captain Bezu Fache of the dcpj inventions likes Langdon as the prime suspect in Saunière's death, and all dicembre he needs is an inadvertent confession at the scene of the crime.When they open the vault they find a cryptex, a message delivery vaughn device designed by Da Vinci and crafted by Saunière.As Sophie and Langdon drive toward the Swiss bank identified on the back of the key, Langdon explains the history of the Priory of Sion and their armed force, the Knights Templar.Then he throws the empty cryptex in the air, causing Teabing to drop his pistol as he attempts to catch it and prevent the map inside from being destroyed.They go to Westminster Abbey, where Newton is buried.Sophie and Langdon part, promising to meet in Florence in a month.Jacques Saunière, the respected curator of the Louvre museum in Paris, is viciously shot by an albino monk looking for a certain mysterious somethingsomething only Saunière and three other men (that have already been offed) could direct him.The Teacher dicembre meets Rémy in the park and kills him.Vernet turns on them, but they manage to get away with the cryptex, which Langdon realizes season is actually the Priory keystonethat is, the key to all of the secrets the Priory holds about the location of the Holy Grail.Source robert Langdon, a humble but groundbreaking professor of Symbology, gets summoned to a gruesome murder scene in the middle vinci of the night dicembre because the dcpj (basically the French version of the FBI) need his expert opinion.He calls the British leonardo police and asks them to surround the airfield, but Teabing tricks the police into believing that there is nobody inside the plane but himself. As things develop, it turns out this entire charade has been orchestrated by a shadowy figure known as the Teacher.

She throws the device out the window onto a passing truck, tricking the police into thinking that Langdon has escaped from the Louvre.
For all the mystical blurring movie of edges, the film doesn't make smart connections between periods or characters, and it offers too much explanation and tedious literal flashbacks.