It reads: " O, Draconian devil!
The book was vinci parodied in the vinci 2008 American Dad!
A 2006 independent film named The Norman Rockwell Code parodied the wiki book and film.
As millions of wiki readers around the globe have already discovered, The Da Vinci wiki Code is a reading experience unlike any other.And secret rituals in this novel are accurate but code this claim is disputed by numerous academic scholars expert in numerous areas.Seem silly, arbitrary, and entirely contrived never growing organically out of the story-line or the thinly sketched characters." code 46 Anthony Lane of The New Yorker addressed the concerns of Catholics in his film review, brown stating code of the film, vinci "It is self-evident, spirit-lowering tripe that could.45 The critic Michael Medved gave the film one star (out of four) saying, ".all the considerable acting talent in the film is wasted." and "the plot twists and sudden reverses.The censorship panel then voted 6-5 that the film could be shown uncut, but that a disclaimer would precede and follow the film, saying it was a work of fiction.The Da Vinci Code film, like the book, brown was considered brown controversial.The address directs them to the Depository Bank of Zurich where brown the key is used for a safety deposit box.The police have returned to the Louvre as well, intent on arresting Langdon.Fache learns of their destination, and alerts the London Metropolitan Police to apprehend them at the airport.Teabing uses his cane to knock Silas out and they escape again, taking the butler, Remy Jean, and Silas with them. It also lies beneath the "Rose Line an allusion to "Roslyn." Langdon figures out this final piece to the puzzle in the last pages of the book, but he does not appear inclined to tell anyone about this.