With their names cleared of any crimes, and the summary final clue solved, Langdon and Sophie head to vinci Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.
But vinci it also brings to light that not only are the report police after them, so too is a group called Opus Dei.
The Da Vinci vinci Code, by Dan Brown, combines mystery, action, information and thrills.
While Teabing, Sophie and Langdon are in the commerciale church, report Remy, leonardo who works for the Teacher information and expects to receive a large sum, book frees Silas.There they meet a woman who has exactly the same chapter casket.They manage mona to get to Versailles, where Langdons friend Sir vinci Leigh Teabing lives.Ten years ago, returning home without warning, leonardo she found her vinci grandfather in a society of strange people who worshipped some object and performed strange rituals.Having heard on the radio that Sophie and Langdon are accused of killing three more people, Bern information requires them to give back what leonardo Sauniere confided to his guard.Silas finds his way there, too, and breaks in, but information is no match for the whole group.BUY NOW, sparkNotes is brought to you vinci by Barnes Noble.The killer must code have been sent by the Church.Get ready to write your essay.Langdon and Sophie go vinci in Scotland, to the church, the last entry in the cryptex indicates. The Teacher leonardo calls Silas and asks Remy to bring the stone to him to the residence of "Opus Dei".
The cryptex contains another vinci cryptex together with a note stating that one needs to find a grave of a knight buried in London by the Pope, and to take the ball there.
Teabing knocks the gun off.

Professionally, he was a curator at the Louvre in Paris, France, but he guarded a powerful secret.
By following Saunières clues, they discover what is known as the keystone, which is supposed to contain instructions for finding the Holy Grailin this book case, Mary Magdalenes tomb.
That changes everything.) Now it's up to Sophie and Langdon to unlock his clues in order to discover the secret he's worked so hard to protect.