The wiki Bad Guy Wins : michelle For someone michelle who believes he should never be on the candice winning end of a feud, Vince brown came out on top of all dailymotion of his feuds in 2003: Firing Hulk Hogan as dailymotion "Mr.
"In the interest of fairness.
Though he plays the Big Bad a lot more often, and sometimes his face turn is just part of his Evil Plan and he's parachute Evil All Along (such as him scotland being the Higher Power to book code the Ministry of Darkness).Lashley and Flair seemed out of place, but everyone else was game.Thats also Mark Henrys second WrestleMania vinci match in ten years with the company.It also got a Dark Reprise simply known as the Corporate Ministry theme.That, and Bret - having suffered a career-ending concussion and a stroke in the twelve-plus years between the Montreal Screwjob and WrestleMania 26 - was in no shape to actually wrestle.The "McMahon Family Reunion".Sacked the gimmick mcmahon of Pirate Paul Burchill, as he didn't get the Jack Sparrow homage (the gimmick was dropped less than a month before the first sequel ebook came out, and the gimmick was supposed to ride its coattails).Vince has lampshaded this vince frequently.In code real life: "Hey pal" he has a tendency to pepper conversations dailymotion with "dammit" especially if he's angry.This time he simply hijacked download it by pulling a FaceHeel Turn against The Rock by costing him the main event of Wrestlemania, which led to both of Vince's kids, who had been rome The Starscreams up to that point, loyally returned to his side, and Triple.Even WCW originally implied Vince was this to the nWo before scrapping the idea when WWE threatened to sue them.Villain Protagonist : Vince McMahon is the owner of WWE and the kayfabe universe is his own, so he's basically michelle this.That's why you can have all the teams too! Following 9/11, he gave out a speech on how he was upset vinci with what happened, and he gave his own You Suck speech to the terrorists who attacked New York, basically seeing that America will NOT back down.
Corrupt Corporate Executive : "Mr.
Aborted Arc : He faked his own death in 2007 with the infamous limo explosion.

There are still other wrestling promotions, but none are really a serious mcmahon threat to WWE.
Villainous Breakdown : Vince loves this trope.